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kimaracretak: (drusilla)

va'esse deireádh aep eigean, va'esse eigh faidh'ar

{ only the dead can speak to the dead }

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Created on 2018-02-10 19:49:08 (#3341300), last updated 2019-02-22 (26 minutes ago)

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she/they, mid-20s, east coast scotland + west coast usa. intx, leo, chaotic neutral. brigitte/bastion/ana main, house hlaalu, ebonheart pact.
my journal.

finished fic and exchange letters publicly, wip ideas f-locked to relevant people, personal posts f-locked.

transformative works policy: art & fanmixes for any of my fic is welcome, ask to translate or remix (& link back to me), no podfics.
this journal is largely a collection of fic & fanmixes for (mostly) sf/f canons, focussing on femslash and landscapes and cities that want to eat you. i have no patience for purity wank and if you don't like darkfic and moral ambiguity my fic is not for you. privately i talk a lot about mental health in the academy and in the tech industry, and if you want to opt-out of seeing that for whatever reason, let me know. i'm a feminist political scientist, tabletop gm (changeling, d&d 4e & 5e), and amateur game designer. most content is in english, but i also read/write fluent spanish, middling scottish gaelic, and very poor norwegian (bokmål), so feel free to chat in any of those.
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